Sagebrush Soul AE

Sagebrush Soul Art & Entertainment is an Idaho company that paints a broad stroke in the world of design, hospitality and entertainment. We create upcycled furniture and accessories for your home business or event.

Vicki and Kenny together, love to surround themselves with vintage and upcycled furnishings with an eclectic flare. They love traveling together for the entertainment side of the business which allows them to find new treasures to restore, repurpose and reinvent. For Vicki and Kenny it’s all about the story. Whether it’s the story of the piece or how it came into their life, each piece gets a name and a soul.

Vicki has been building and refinishing furniture for over 30 years. Always a step ahead of the trends, she has an eye to enhance any era of furnishing. Vicki’s design’s have been featured in many publications and her ability to create a welcoming style in any home or business is beyond compare. Vicki also has an extensive background in event management that includes everything from fine dinning to celebrity parties.

“Like a discarded piece of furniture, we all have flaws and imperfections that help create our story. The true beauty in all of us comes from that story. While working on each piece, I use its story to give it back its soul” -Vicki

Kenny has been announcing everything from rodeos to motorsports for 27 years, thus borning the current landing page for this site, the It’s About Men website. A retired Deputy Sheriff, he now makes a living behind the mic. As a child, Kenny started drawing as soon as he could hold a pencil and has become a proficient in many unique artistic mediums. With one foot in the automotive industry, Kenny’s art reflects an industrial style. Some of Kenny’s custom leather work has been featured in custom truck publications. When Vicki and Kenny collaborate, Kenny brings a little “Y Chromosome” to the design.

“I feel that I am blessed to have not had a lot of money growing up. If I wanted something, in many cases I had to learn how to make it. That is a part of my story that I get to share with Vicki and our clients.” – Kenny

Sagebrush Soul Art & Entertainment, 2019

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